Slemdalsveien 70 - Vinderen

Representative, modern and energy efficient offices

When "Conditorigården" burned down in 2008, the district lost an important landmark. We have always had the ambition to replace it with a building of a high standard, both architecturally and technically. In December 2012, we were finally able to open the doors to a representative building of consistently high quality.

The offices in the building are classified in energy class A. This has been achieved, among other things, through heat pumps that draw energy from 16 300-metre deep energy wells. 300-metre deep energy wells. The result is increased comfort, lower energy costs and reduced environmental impact.

The emphasis is on high standards and quality in all materials. For example, oak is used in all floors. Common areas such as entrances and stairwells are representative.

Baker Hansen, Billie's Kitchen delicatessen and catering, Fri Ren Pleie, Vinmonopolet, Vita Exclusive and fill the premises at street level. On the ground floor you will find SATS Vindern.

Storm Eiendom | Representative, modern and energy-efficient offices


Phone number

+47 908 30 452


Slemdalsveien 70, 0370 OSLO